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San Diego Diary 2006

San Diego Diary 2006 – January 13th – January 16th

San Diego, CA.

I'm now at day four of my trip to San Diego. The transition has been easier than I thought. Andrea was surprised by the amount of bags that I brought with me not because there was so much but because there was so little. "Are you sure you have enough for six months?" I said before I came over that I was going to pack very little and get what I need in America because of the value I get for my euro.

I decided to take some pictures of the family before I left some nice shots of mum and dad and the kids – had a lot of fun taking them, trying to get Barry and Roisin to pose properly is always fun. John is easy to shoot – the other guys present more of a challenge. I told myself the last thing I must do is forget to bring the camera. Sure enough the last thing I did forget was the camera. Bugger. So no images for the time being on the blog.

On the upside Paul (brother) is going to Las Vegas next week so Andrea and I might have an opportunity to head up there for a night to meet him. If that plan works out I'll get him to bring over my camera and then I'm back in action.

The area that we are living in is called Hillcrest. I was really surprised by how nice the apartment is. Its a good size, clean and comfortable. Its on the 2nd floor and has a nice view of a suburban neighborhood. It's probably about 4 miles or so to the Downtown area. The real plus is that it is located very close to Balboa Park.

There are a lot of good restaurants in the area, on Friday night we went to a really nice Sushi restaurant and cocktail bar. I'm fairly new to Sushi, I only really started to get into in when I tried the M&S Sushi in Dublin. The restaurant and Sushi was really nice. I recommend Sushi to anyone to try. I know that over the next few months I'm going to get quite good at eating Mexican food too. So I don't expect to lose too many pounds!

On Saturday I made my first ever visit to an IKEA store. We had to pick up some pots, pans, egg cups (for a boiled egg or two). It was busy because there was no sales tax on shopping for the day so you can imagine how many pickup trucks, 4X4 with blown out arches, hummers etc., were parked at the entrance loading box after box of flat pack furniture. I felt a little out of place with my egg cups, pots and frying pan. Still while they are busy fixing up the furniture I'll be busy stuffing myself with boiled eggs. Suckers!

I've met some of Andreas friends, Deb, Anthony, Jason, Nara who all are pretty nice. They came over for some drinks to our apartment last night (Sunday) and then we went for some Japanese food "Yakatori" (meat on skewers and Sake). They are all having great fun trying to understand my accent (which I'm laying on pretty thick at times :-))

Andrea was working on Sunday so I took a walk down to Balboa park and walked around to get to know the area. I came across a lawn bowling club and sat down for a half hour transfixed by these guys rolling the balls along. I was considering giving it ago, but I think I prefer to watch it than to play it.

For now, bye.

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  1. Great to hear you are getting on so well out there and nice photo of you both. Be sure to let me know if you need a box of tayto shipped out. You almost certainly will not recognise my blogger name… it is a long story. JK–>

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