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San Diego Diary 2006 – Week 1 Review

San Diego Diary – Review of Week One – January 13th – January 20th

I've been in San Diego now for one week. As I mentioned in a previous post I was surprised how easy it was settling in. This continues to be true. The weather is a real help. January and it is is 17 / 18 degrees outside. The evenings are a little cold but nothing like Dublin in January, which is generally dull, overcast and cold. I know that the weather is only going to get warmer as the year moves on and I'm happy to be hear now so that I can acclimatise easily. I remember last year in NICE, France how hot it was and boy was I cranky. Paul Cronin, Pia, Andrea and I had taken the Volvo XC90 from Dublin and driven across France to the San Remo in Italy. One day we decided to drive back to NICE for the day. It was hot, it was hard to find parking for the Volvo and I remember driving into a multistory car park that I decided was built in the 60s or 70s because the car spaces were so small. I was driving up to the second level and the turn was so tight that I had to stop the car on the bend of the ramp and roll back so that I could get a proper turning angle. This was frustrating because it was a new 4X4 Jeep and it didn't belong to me. My main concern was not scrapping the bumper or rolling back into another car. Looking back I can see the humor in it but I was not laughing at the time I can tell you.

Most days I've been going for walks in Balboa Park. The motivation to walk is so high because everything is so new. Again the whether being so nice helps also. **Note I don't mention the weather all the time to rub it in to my friends back home** Honest :-). I've decided that I'm going to start jogging and I've suggested to Andrea that we get a football or baseball bat and tennis ball and spend more time in the park. I was out walking this morning (Saturday) and its great to see people playing volleyball, football, American Football and one group were playing Freesbee football – two teams, two goals and firing the freesbee to each other with the aim of getting it into the goal. Just imaging a game of park football and replace the football with a freesbee and the kicking of the football with the throwing of the freesbee!

I also saw on my way down to the Lawn Bowls area a group of people doing “Tai Chi” a moving from of Yoga and Meditation combined. Again something else that is great to watch. All of these things I try to imagine in the Phoenix Park or some local green area in a Dublin or County in Ireland but the image is quickly swamped with some scumbag or local nut throwing something at you because you are encroaching on their “Outdoor Inn” drinking session. Enough of my Bias!

There is a farmers market on Sunday Mornings in Hillcrest so Andrea and I are going to go over early in the morning. We went to a farmers market in Marley Park Dublin and in San Remo Italy. I really like the atmosphere of the markets, the fresh goods the smells, and the banter that you can have with people.

I've been over to San Diego State University a couple of times this week. There is free wi-fi on the campus so I can log on while Andrea is in class. I went to Dundalk Institute of Technology in the late nineties. Dundalk is an impressive campus today, quite large with a huge number of students and courses. I think that in comparison to SDSU it is small. SDSU is a large campus, impressive if only for the number coffee houses, juice bars, bookstores and heaters. There are more than one Starbucks coffee houses on site too. In fact I can't be sure but I think a Starbucks has opened up in the toilet of another Starbucks!! I really enjoy going there because of the number of people who are walking around – jocks, skateboarders, girls in sunglasses in doors, Goths, Rockers and so much more.

I've noticed that the majority of the people that I've seen here have tattoos and usually more than one. I suppose if you get one why stop at that why not keep going. I thought before that I'd like a tattoo but the more I see of them here I've decided that I won't. Its not that I don't like what I see, I do – a lot. I can tell now that a tattoo just would look wrong on me. Please not comments or emails trying to persuade me to try.

So Saturday evening, I'm going to get changed go across the road for a drink and then walk down the street to the Italian restaurant where Andrea works and pick her up.

I look forward to talking with you all soon.


Saturday January 21st

San Diego, CA.

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