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San Diego Diary 2006 Saturday 4th February

San Diego Diary,

Saturday February 4th, 2006.

“…A man walks into a bar…”



First of all I want to address a question that some of you (okay two) have asked about the blog. The question that came up from Gary and Mary is “Who is the blog for?” Well, I’ve been pondering this for a day or so, in between naps, runs (not ‘the runs’) and other things that have been filling up my head. Is it for family? Is it for friends? Is it for me? What if I didn’t know, should this mean the end of the blog? Then the answer came. I can now say with 99.999% certainty that I know who the blog targeted towards…later!

Andrea and I are out walking in Balboa park most mornings. We walk for ½ hour and then come back have breakfast, Andrea gets ready for college. She told me that she feels the better for it. Now in the evenings we are out kicking a football around. Andrea’s getting used to kicking the ball and working on her ‘first touch’.

There are a lot of homeless people around San Diego. I think they come here for the warm weather and just forget to bring credit cards, money, maps or directions to a decent hotel so they just hang out on the streets and in the park. Andrea mentioned that a lot of them are ex-army and after they have been out of service or no longer covered for medical expenses etc., by the army they are left with nothing or with nowhere to go. Anyway on the way down to the park with the football yesterday we came across a man with a knife on his belt. This guy was not a threat because he had passed out on the sidewalk. This guy ‘Rory’ I’ll call him for convenience looked as if he had fallen straight over and was spread out with arms and legs at funny angles. I assumed that Rory had been drinking heavily and couldn’t carry himself any longer. I would have ignored Rory if he was just asleep beside a tree, but the way he was spread out was a worry, he was also close to the curb of a busy street that runs alongside Balboa. Just as we were discussing if we should call the police or medics a park ranger came along and made a call. Then a fire engine turned up with sirens screaming. Andrea and I had moved away to let the experts deal with Rory. Soon after an ambulance arrived and took Rory away. Let’s hope he’s okay and they let him keep his knife. It can be dangerous in Balboa with all the squirrels, volleyball players and runners.

I been advertising in the area my skills to tackle computers and the issues they throw at us. I’ve set up an email address called, no mails yet. I’ve also been experimenting with Podcasting and have set up a service to create eCasts, Podcasts for companies / local governments who want to distribute their messages. The email I’ve been using is There are lots of resources on the web for open source music (free) to use for podcasting. I’ve created some for personal use and have been listening to it. I think I’m quite good at it. I’m working on one for eServer to see how it turns out; if it’s okay I’ll put on my IBM site for the audience. I’ve picked up an internship with the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center: in Balboa. I start with them on February 23rd. It may only be a few hours a week and I’m really looking forward to it.

There is a club in La Jolla called ‘The Comedy Store’. According to their website David Letterman (not funny), Garry Shandling and Pauly Shore started their career there. The Comedy Store has an open mike on Sunday nights. I’m going to have a go at it. I’ve been working on ideas for material. I don’t expect to come out of it being hailed as the new Jerry Seinfeld or Larry David. As long as I get a few laughs make it out alive not being compared to the un-funny half of Hail and Pace then I’ll be happy and it will have been worth it.

In a week or so I’m going to take the drivers exam at the DMV. It will be nice to have a California license.

Oh yeah, who's the blog for? Its for the advertisers, that's who. 🙂

All the best,






What I'm reading…

What's on my Nano?


A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson****: I think I broke my brain! This is a great book that hopes to answer the oldest and biggest questions we have posed about the universe and ourselves. Science with a smile.


An Open Heart: Practicing Compassion in Everyday Life – The Dalai Lama****: Everyone should read some work by the Dalai Lama. How does one become a compassionate person? What are the mechanisms by which a selfish heart is transformed into a generous heart? His Holiness the Dalai Lama writes simply and powerfully about the eveyday Buddhist practice of compassion, offering a clear, practical, inspiring introduction to the Buddhist path to enlightenment. BINGO!



  • Antony & The Johnsons
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Minutemen
  • Mr. North
  • The Onion Readio News
  • Stone Roses



  1. how sad is that. I did read that San Diego has a huge number of military personnel living there but that has to be a shameful statistic in anyone’s book – these guys enlist and then end up sleeping rough in a park or on the streets. What a world we have made! good news on the internship and even better news on the comedy club open mic session.. fair play to you.

    I’m curious about the “who is this blog for?” question.. you can probably guess why.


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