Posted by: blogone | February 7, 2006

Foot Watch 2006…

Foot Watch 2006 – This is going to run and run… one step beyond…

This is how the weather is looking today: 26 degrees.


**Foot Watch Update** Feb 07, 20:00HRS – no changes in situation of foot or sock situation. Climate is normal. Vital stats; normal. We are at code Yellow(ish).

It could happen to you…

If you think you may be in a relationship where a partner may have broken a toe or may be faking it to get more attention or iPod accessories like the new ear bud lanyard headphones for the the ipod nano then make sure to visit these sites.

Thanks to JK and LC for the links. Andrea passes on her thanks too.

Is your foot is broken?



Thanks to Liam for suggesting that Andrea might have a condition called ‘Hammer Toe’ Liam outlined in an email his “diagnosis” of the condition?

  • Has Andrea’s toe swollen, especially on the top, just below the nail? – YES
  • Does she find it difficult to bend her toe, particularly upwards? – YES
  • If you climbed on the kitchen table, and then jumped off and landed on her toe, would she scream? – YES, yes she did.

I told Andrea about Liam’s ‘diagnosis. She dismissed Liam as a ‘quack’, a ‘charlatan’ and a fly by night leech peddler. I pointed out that Liam also said that he suffered the same condition, the result of trying to jump over a small wall and misjudging the height; result put his foot right into it. I don’t know why Liam does the things he does, but I suppose if you see a wall you sometimes have to decide whether to walk by that wall or to try to jump it.

Andrea must have given this some thought, or more likely dismissed it completely. She did however go to the doctor and it turns out she doesn’t have ‘Hammer Toe’. She has something much less cooler sounding – a fracture of a bone in the metatarsal area sort of thing. The result is that she is now on crutches (I like them), in a bandage and on pain killers that are keeping her awake at night (and me too!), I suppose a pain shared is a pain…no forget that.

Andrea is having a difficult time getting used to the crutches – mainly because I’m playing with them and because they are hard on the hands and arms. I suggested putting socks on the handles – this is under consideration. I’ll keep you posted on the sock situation – keep an eye out for “SOCK Watch 2006 ” a sad spin off of “Foot Watch 2006




What price dignity?

On Friday 17th February if you happen to be in downtown San Diego and you happen to pass by the Field


Irish bar – you'll see me. Well you'll see a giant pint of Guinness costume that I'll be inside. There is a festival (no not a St. Patrick’s day warm up), its a Guinness festival (is that the same thing?). Anyway I got a job of standing outside the bar and making my mum and country proud. I'll get pictures for this one. Ahhh yes living the dream! Stay tuned for Guinness Watch…






  1. Giving people details of where you are hanging out as a pint of guinness – are you looking for stalkers or what?

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