Posted by: blogone | February 21, 2006

Another thing I’ll never ever do again…

On Friday 17th February I dressed up as a pint of Guinness to help promote something called the Guinness Toast. What is the Guinness Toast? The idea is that all the Irish bars in the area pack as many people into their bars as is legally allowed and at 9:00pm they all raise a pint of Guinness and generally get plastered. Apparently it happens each year over here however I’ve never come across this in Ireland. Has anyone else?

The bar I was at ‘The Field’ had a local radio station (ROCK 103) broadcasting and a live band called Skelpin. I was thinking that anyone there who had a bad day at work or had a job they didn't like could take some solace from looking at me and thinking, “no matter how bad my job is, at least I’m not that guy.”

You’d be surprised by how many adults want to hug and grab at a large foam pint of Guinness. I was also surprised that most of the time when people took pictures of me I smiled for the camera even though my face was hidden. “Hey Guinness dude…”, “Hey it’s the Guinness guy…” over and over. The one good thing about the suit I had to wear was that I was completely covered up so I kept some of my dignity.

I had a huge pair of shoes and a big Mickey Mouse type hands and the foam pint that went over my head. The guy who was working as security on the door was a bit miffed (I think) because it would be up to him to get me out of a pickle if someone decided to have a go at the large pint, or he’d have to give chase if people decided to pick me up off the ground and run off with me.

I had great fun telling people who wanted to talk to me that I used to be a millionaire, or that I studied under the great Mickey Mouse, Tiger the tiger and all the other great characters.

Anyway to make a long story longer, after three hours of this I had had enough of this experience. Actually after 20 minutes I had enough but stuck with it for three hours. So at about 9.20 the bar manager came out and asked me if I wanted to take a break. A break, I thought I was finishing at 9.00pm? I went in and had a sandwich, minus the suit (let me point out that I did have clothes on under the suit). Someone must have been looking down on me because it started to rain. I cannot tell you how happy I was to know that it was raining outside. No more Guinness dude for me.

I did manage to get some more work from this; on the 28th February there is a large ‘Mardi Gras’ festival that runs though the area. The bar has asked me to work as a door man for the evening checking IDs, guns etc. So that’s a step up…isn’t it? Posted by Picasa



  1. a story for the grandchildren for sure. So now everyone will be thinking “how low can that guy stoop”. What happened to the stand-up set? are you still doing that?

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