Posted by: blogone | February 24, 2006

Something on the radio made me think…

Something on the radio made me think…

In the absence of clearly-defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia until ultimately we become enslaved by it.

Robert Heinlein

Today I was in the kitchen making some food. National Public Radio on KBPS was on in the background. A show (don’t know which one) was on and something caught my ear. A 1997 interview with Drew Carey was playing; the reason is something to do with the release of some new DVDs. Anyway, Drew was talking about his experiences growing up and he said that when he was fourteen he had written down on some paper things that he wanted to do, ‘Be a stand up comic, be on TV etc’. He had forgotten about it until years later. His mother had kept all these things in a scrap book and when he saw it he said he was ‘blown away’. All the things on the paper he completed. He said that it ‘must have been at the back of my mind all those years.’ Drew had put down on paper goals. People who have clearly defiend goals have a greater chance of reaching their goals than people who don't.


My mind immediately went back to a conversation I had with a friend at the start of 2005. He had written his goals for the year at the start of 2004 (by 2005 I want to…) and put them into a file. At the start of 2005 all of the goals were realized. The amazing thing to me about this was that one of the goals was something that he didn’t have direct control over. What I mean is that I would consider direct control to be something like ‘My goal is to buy a new car this year’. However the goal he had (and was number one on the list), was something that depended on other people to be fulfilled, without going into great detail it had something to do with recognition.

We talked about the importance of having clearly defined goals. So many people go through life and wonder why things ‘happen to them’ and not for them.



  1. How about sharing wwith us some of your goals? The Blog is coooool. Keep it up.

  2. very interesting that you found the source of the quote about the absence of clearly defined goals.

  3. Seriously, you can’t give us all that juicy tantalisation and not tell us what his specific goal is……can you – at least give us a hint.

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