Posted by: blogone | February 25, 2006

I dont know what that was, but it wasn’t love…

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I am annoyed with the goings on today on the streets of Dublin. It’s 9:30pm in San Diego. Andrea is at work until 10:30pm, some poor soul has forgotten to collect a pizza from the restaurant and it befell me to call over to pick it up and bring it home to give it a good home (in my belly). Who orders a pizza and forgets to pick it up?

I brought the box home and opened it up – olives, onion and cheese and extra packets of crushed red pepper to give it the extra kick. You really know when someone understands you when they put extra packets of crushed red pepper with a pizza you never ordered!

I decided to see what has happening back in the ‘Old country’. I logged on to for updates on the Six Nations (I was happy to see the Scots giving ‘Old’ blighty what for’). Then I went to the news home page. Over the last few days I had been listening to the ‘last word podcast’, Mat Cooper was discussing the Love Ulster campaign. Shock, horror, violence, fear, burning, and terror gripped the streets of the city centre.

Love Ulster? That’s a high maintenance relationship.
So this began with the Shankill Mirror a newspaper in the north and supported by the Ulster Unionists. I just checked the Love Ulster website, there is no information on the page whatsoever. . Love Ulster is a campaign for Unionist unity. Love Ulster calls for the democratic rights of the Unionist community to be recognized and respected…fair enough.

What annoyed me is that Love Ulster decided to take their march to Dublin city. This didn’t serve any purpose but only in my opinion to ‘put it up to the Irish’. I think that some small minded people from Dublin (and others) decided to run riot in the city. Play into the hands of the bigots. Give the news media what they want. “Ah sure they’re only Oirish, probably had a few too many drinks, looking for a fight again. Sure we love them anyway…”

I feel ashamed by what took place today in my city. This is a case of the Irish doing damage to themselves and to their reputation and the Unionists looking for ways to antagonize the republican movement and cause more trouble that someone else has to pay for.

Love Ulster…?

I’ll call you sometime.


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