Posted by: blogone | March 6, 2006


I managed to catch what looks to be turning into a 24 hour flu-like bug. The early hours of Sunday morning I woke up freezing. My head was thumping and all my joints ached. I spent all day Sunday in bed, only rising in the early evening to have some toast, a cup of tea, a bath and some flu medicine which was all supplied by Andrea. Then it was back to bed for me. It’s now Monday at 12:30pm I woke up about half an hour ago and have given myself the following check up:

Move head: any sign of ache or dizziness? Nope all good.

Joints: are they aching? Clear.

Sweating: appears to have passed. Recommendation to self, have a shower!

I am feeling much better now which is why I’m assuming it is only a 24 hour thing.


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