Posted by: blogone | March 22, 2006

Hot Stuff Coming seriously this food is hot!

San Diego held its St. Patrick’s Day parade on Saturday March 11th. The reason is that March 17th is a Friday and city officials can’t close off the streets on a working day (Friday). When March 17 falls on any other day than Saturday the city holds the event on the Saturday before. March 17th, 2007 will be a Saturday so the parade will be on the correct day. The weather over the past two weeks is more typical of Dublin than the West Coast of America. The day of the parade saw a hard rain, the type of rain that really soaks you, not the light summer type rain that people like to dance in (or write songs about dancing in), no this was the “there is no way I’m going outside in that rain” rain. Someone should write a song about that type of rain. David Bowie would be a good choice.

I was working at the Field as a bus-boy for the day. This involves cleaning up the tables after people leave and getting them ready for the next set of customers. The bus-boy takes all the dirty dishes etc down to the kitchen for washing etc. Some of the duties include:

  • Take out trash
  • Wipe down tables
  • Bring bus tubs to kitchen for washing when full
  • Ensure toilet (men) is clean
  • Replenish cutlery tubs
  • Bring up bottles of beer to bar when needed

I performed my tasks well and lost a pound or two in sweat. I have a new level of respect for the servers in this industry. This bar is very busy. The servers move deftly around with trays of food above their heads while the space in which they move ever dwindles.

I think I did a good job for the reason that I was due to be security on the 17th but was asked to be bus-boy again. Since the 17th was as Friday and Andrea was on Spring Break the bar asked her to work as a server (she worked there last year). She said yes because she would have fun with me (bossing me around), “where is that bus-boy, this table needs a cleaning” sort of thing.

The bar was very busy from the get-go. I started at 9:00am; Andrea at 9:30am. The local news channel was in talking to Tom, the head chef, about Corned Beef, Potatoes and all things Irish. Another crazy busy day, I lost more pounds in sweat (seriously it isn’t funny how much moisture I lose). It’s like a good work out at the gym. I was in the zone. Early on in the day the owner Daniel asked me to clean up the store room beside the main office. He said to me, “I have a job for you and it will only be you doing it”, he showed me the room. “I need you to tidy this up remove boxes etc, etc.” Little did Daniel know about the store rooms that I had been looking after in work in Dublin, this room was offered no challenge, I looked him squarely in the eye and said “give me twenty minutes with this room, and I’ll give you back some real space” like a police interrogator might say before he went to work. Okay I didn’t actually say that, I said “okay I’ll get on it”, but I was thinking it. I think he knew this because he knew better to say anything other than “okay, get to it” sort of thing. Twenty minutes later I was in the midst of a mess, but twenty seven minutes later I had everything under control. I was happy with my work and happier still with the pounds I was losing through hard work.

All hands were on deck because the day was so busy. The owner’s wife was on had to do some serving too, which is good to see, everyone helping out making sure that the customers are looked after and that the experience was great for everyone. She asked me at one point “What’s your name, Liam is it?” I said “Alan”. She said to me “ah well they’re all the same”. I’m not sure what she meant by that, and again my mind flashed to a conversation I had with a colleague about Dale Carnegie and 'How to Win Friends & Influence People', essentially that people's names are important. If you want to succeed – remember the name of the person you are talking too.

We finished up at about 5.30pm and came home changed and went out to the local bar for some drinks.

I’ve more to say, I just can’t put it online now because Andrea phoned and asked me to bring over her copy of Oprah to her. The restaurant she is working at must be quiet tonight.



  1. you’re alive! You’re alive! Your last posting was going on about how sick you were, and every morning I check out your latest posting but there’s been nothing for a while…i was beginning to get worried. As soon as I read you were happily cleaning out store rooms, i knew you were back to normal – well done!

    Hope you’re keeping well, talk to you soon,

  2. I think Bob Dylan had a song about the “hard rain” you speak of …

    Great to see the Blog going again !


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