Posted by: blogone | March 24, 2006


On Sunday March 12th Andrea and I started our drive to San Francisco. A couple of weeks ago Andrea knocked out the fuse from her car radio with her foot. As a result the car radio is looking for the code before it will spit out any tunes. Andrea can’t remember the code and has not had time to go to a garage to get the code. I have forgotten many times to do this for her. So we started off on the six hundred mile drive without a radio. I brought my iPod Nano so one of us was going to be okay for sounds 🙂

We traveled about three hundred miles and decided to stop off at Santa Maria and stayed at a Radisson hotel. Nice hotel beside a small private airport. The bed in the room had a mattress that raised or lowered via a remote control. What fun! We got to San Francisco on Monday afternoon. We dropped off our bags and went for dinner with Michael (Andrea’s dad) and Maura (Michael’s fiancé).

Later that evening Andrea and I went to see a movie, ‘The hills have eyes’. I won’t bother going into the plot (because there isn’t much of one) except to say that there is lots of obvious slashing and cutting and going into rooms that can only lead to death, plenty of gore just not much of a plot.

On Tuesday we went to Alcatraz and that was really excellent. I kept saying to Andrea in my best Sean Connery accent “WELCOME TO THE ROCK”, and it never got old. We visited Chinatown too and did some shopping. Andrea visited H&M because the store is only in the U.S. and she really likes their clothes.

Wednesday, we started the drive back to San Diego. We made a stop at the Winchester House. Now this is an odd place. It was built by Sarah Winchester. Who? She was the wife of the creator of the Winchester gun company. Sarah Winchester stood a mighty four and a half feet tall and had an interest in the occult. Construction on her house continued every day until she died. The odd thing about the house is that there are doors that open to brick walls, stairs that lead nowhere etc. The reason, Sarah wanted to confuse the spirits of the people who had been killed by the guns of her husband. The house is massive and the woman was loaded and two cans short of a six pack.

We stayed at the Madonna Inn, located in San Luis Obispo on Wednesday night. This place is cool. I recommend it anyone. It is great fun. It’s hard to describe, every room is different. We stayed in the Wilhelm Tell room. The room had a rock waterfall shower. Need I say anymore!

Thursday we continued our trip back to SD. We stopped off in Los Angeles, Andrea showed me the location where she used to live (you can see the Hollywood sign from the gate). I thought that was cool. We got stuck in traffic in Los Angeles, at one stage we moved about 2 miles in an hour. What a city for traffic, turned me right off LA. Imagine the M50 in Dublin with five lanes; nice. Now image those five lanes full of cars not going anywhere; not nice. I decided to sing ‘Convoy’ to Andrea to help ease the pain of the traffic ‘…we got a great big convoy trucking through the night, oh yeah, we got a great big convoy, isn’t that a beautiful site…’ I relly wonder sometimes how Andrea puts up with me.

We got back to SD Thursday evening and got our gear ready for Friday morning and our day at the Field.

My camera has not arrived from Dublin yet, so I bought a disposable camera for $6.99 (good value for a 35mm, I thought), to take some pictures. I did get them developed and have to scan them. I will add pictures from the SF trip soon.


  1. I stayed at the Madonna in in good old 1988. Red leather, red leather and some more red leather is what I can recall from the place. Oh yeah almost formgot this one…
    We were treated as absolute royaly as my genious dad gave 200 bucks in tips for the dinner at the rastaurant there. The whole kitchen staff came out to greet us and thank us. How cool wasn’t this we all thouhgt…until my dad realized his misstake. He thought he had slipped em two $10 bills…
    he was mighty delighted….

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