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Andrea and I don’t have a TV in the apartment. Andrea has never been too interested in having one. She told me that she would prefer to read a book than sit in front of a TV.

LOST had been shown on RTE for some time during 2005 and teasers and adverts for it looked interesting I never bothered to sit down and watch an episode.

I was lucky enough to get a gift of a 20GB video iPod in late 2005. I was on iTunes to see what was available and while the Irish catalogue was limited for video; apart from Music, TV shows or films don’t exist. The American situation is different. When I got the iPod there wasn’t much in the way of TV, I can’t remember what the limited offering were except that LOST looked the most interesting, so I downloaded season one. When I decided to move over to SD, I left my iPod at home with my brother (who gave me cash to get a new one), and I didn’t watch LOST.

When I got the flu a few weeks ago I started watching LOST on my Thinkpad. After two episodes I got hooked. So I pretty much watched season one over seven days or so. In one early episode, while looking into the back story of the Korean couple, the husband goes to deliver a message to a government official. I don’t want to go into detail, but in the background the TV is on and the TV shows another LOST character on the TV. I thought that was odd so checked again and sure enough there was a central character, of the show, on the TV in a flashback of a Korean character. Hmmmm what was that about? Now if you are an avid watcher of the program you might be thinking, Duh, of course, well I was only getting into it. The show is full of this stuff, and now I’ve been spotting references to ‘the numbers’ all over the place. For example when Hurley was running through the airport in season one he passed a group wearing sports shirts with certain numbers on them, and it goes on and on. So I was telling Andrea about this and that I was really enjoying the show, and I suggested that she check it out.

Now I have created a LOST monster. Andrea started to watch season one and has in the last five days (I think), watched the whole of season one. Andrea tells me that she hates the show because some of the characters have the same expression all the time, e.g. Kate – check out her furrowed eyebrows and concerned look ALL THE TIME. It could also be that she has been watching episode’s back to back day after day that she is annoyed. So we watched the last episode of season one and because we were left with a bit of cliff-hanger we needed to do something.

We have now downloaded and have started watching season two (we also stocked up on junk food, beer, wine and some healthy food). The other evening we sat in and watched the first episode of season two. I was hoping that they were going to resolve some of the odd things that are going on; fat chance. We have watched four episodes, and I have to say I’ve lost some of the motivation to watch the show. I was wondering about this and I think that it might have something to do with group dynamics. I said this to Andrea and she looked at me like I was barking mad. Well I may be, but that won’t stop me presenting my mad idea to a wider (although not that wide) audience.

We had gotten used to the original group, Kate, Kate’s eyebrows, Jack and all the gang. Now in season two we are being presented with new characters and their back stories and while some of the original characters are with this ‘new group’, I’m finding it hard to ‘like them’. I think it is because I’m comparing them to the ‘old gang’. I’m emotionally tied into ‘old group’ but not the ‘new group’. I also don’t particularly like the acting style of Michelle Rodriguez, who plays Ana-Lucia. Her back story is a bit lazy too, and this has annoyed Andrea, who tells me the writers are getting lazy.

I know I’m being nerdy about this so I decided to see what other nerds might be out there. I did a Google search on the number (4 8 15 16 23 42) to see what I’d get. I entered the numbers into the search bar and got – (Results 110 of about 740,000,000 for 4 8 15 16 23 42).

Andrea has told me that she is ‘over LOST’ and could care less if she sees any more episodes. That’s when I suggested my (weak) group theory.

Anyone else watching the show? I’d love to hear comments about it.






  1. Sorry Al – can’t help you out with any insight into the programme. You know me and “soap operas” as we call them over here. Your description of the effect of the show on you, the way it was roping you in, reminds me of a diagram sketched by Espen Holm showing the twists and turns in storytelling.. remember that? I also am inclined to position this activity in the lower left quadrant of Csikszentmihalyi’s graph.. you know the one I mean I’m sure. Sounds like it might be time to get out to Balboa Park again..

  2. Jesus Al, your spending way too much time in front of your thinkpad… Is that what you went to the US for? to watch Lost? Come on dude… Head on down to the local range – hire yourself an AK and a Glock with a few hundred rounds and let loose for real… Ease the stress that TV show has put on you.. Phew!
    I would call the garage for that radio code though… or mabye you can find it in google .. or or something like that.

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