Posted by: blogone | March 27, 2006

The Fleet


I started work at the Ruben H. Fleet Science Centre based in Balboa Park on Thursday 23rd. I worked with the marketing team for the day. For the first part of the morning I was scanning paper / magazine clippings that mentioned the fleet, as it’s commonly known, and measuring the column inches. It reminded me of working with communications in Dublin a few years ago. When I started with a new team I was doing something similar, instead of measuring column inches I was helping to make a notice board with news information. The new PR manager, Jeremy, is new to the organization and the column inch measurement thing is something he wanted to implement. His idea is to show the details to management team of the fleet how many column inches they are getting in a month, and how much this would represent in advertising dollars (if they were paying for the column inches).

After that I looked at some PR tapes for the new IMAX film, Wired to Win: Surviving the Tour de France. This large-format film explores cutting-edge brain science through the dramatic story of the centenary Tour de France, a grueling three-week test of mind and body. Then I was given some cycling magazines and asked to find upcoming events, and my task was to call the organizers and ask if they would like vouchers for the IMAX file, that offers a 20% discount, for their registration packs. Essentially I was making cold calls for the fleet.


On Friday I was back in the fleet in the afternoon with the education team. There was a community day on Saturday and on Friday we were putting together welcome packs for the kids arriving on Saturday. The education team are a really nice bunch of people, isn’t that always the case?



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