Posted by: blogone | March 28, 2006

Listen to the sound the waves make…

I asked Andrea if she had ever tried meditation. She told me that she had, however couldn’t settle her mind enough to fully enjoy it. I downloaded a meditation Podcast the other day and had a go yesterday at about 2:00pm. I think my first attempt was quite good.

I sat down turned it on and listened to the sounds. I had a feeling of my mind starting to empty, and I started to ‘drift away’. A couple of hours later I ‘returned’. I was a little sluggish at first however I generally felt refreshed. While I was sitting when I started, I was lying on the floor with my arms spread out when I came out of the meditation and I had drooled onto my shirt too.

I also experienced that I was ‘transcending’ time and space, because I remember images and odd situations while I was in deep meditation. I think I’ll have another go later on today.

Has anyone else had any similar experiences while meditating?


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