Posted by: blogone | March 28, 2006

Strawberries or Double Chocolate Chip…

Starbucks makes good coffee. I know they are everywhere in the U.S. and have recently opened in Dublin. I can’t think of anywhere that I’d rather to go to read my copy of ‘No Logo’ by Naomi Klein than Starbucks. My favorite tipple from Starbucks at the moment is the ‘Frappuccino’, either double chocolate chip (with crème), or Strawberries and crème, depending on my mood. The debate in my head goes something like:

Me: Strawberries or chocolate, strawberries or chocolate, strawberries or chocolate, strawberries or chocolate, why can’t they mix the two? Maybe I should just have a tea? Can’t decide, brain hurts…

Starbucks guy/girl: “Can I help you sir?”

I know that people give out a lot about Starbucks and their coffee buying, GM milk, chocolate practices, and that they close down lots of smaller independent coffee houses. Have a look here. My point is that if you want a good cup of coffee, with great customer service then Starbucks is a good choice. I’ve been to other coffee houses and the some of the staff are just rude and I sometimes feel that I’m bothering them by asking for a coffee.

So as long as I get the service I expect and a great coffee / Frappuccino then I’ll keep going to Starbucks.

Andrea has gotten four of her five exam results back. She has gotten A / A+ in all so far. She's chuffed with herself (and rightly so). I wonder if I should treat her to a Starbuck's Frappuccino, chocolate or strawberries, chocolate or strawberries….


  1. Good for getting the Starbucks debate going – this is an interesting enough article…

    when ethics are just prejudice..

  2. Good on ya Al, sippin on ye auld SB coffee. They’ve opened up one down at the blanch centre where yours truly sometimes skips down to for a small treat. You were missed at the KMA. But not to much.
    Talk to ya later cowboy..Giddyup

  3. Well done on your exam results Andrea – that’s great news!

  4. […] Semi-interesting night at that restaurant. Andrea and I went down to Starbucks for a coffee beforehand. I appear to have settled my internal debate over which Frappuccino I like better, Double Chocolate Chip or Strawberry, because I usually always order the Double Chocolate Chip. […]

  5. It’s lovely to read this while enjoying my cup of Starbucks brew. Most of the time I opt for the House Blend. Simple and smooth, I love its consistency. It’s like an old friend. My mother keeps threatening to buy me a coffee machine, but I warn her against it every time, as my daily trip to the ‘Bucks is a big part of my morning ritual.

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