Posted by: blogone | April 3, 2006

I really really really don’t like redundancy…

Thanks for the comment on the redundant apostrophes in the post. Here is a link for anyone who wants to know how to use the apostrophe properly.

Andrea asked me today, "Is there is any sort of Tomato Ketchup that is not made from Tomatos?" I looked up from what I was doing, which was nothing. How you look up from nothing is anyone's guess, and commented, 'huh!'

Andrea continued, "There’s an advertisement in the paper for Tomato Ketchup, why don't they just say Ketchup? I've never been asked, in my role as a server (waitress), or any other role for that matter, for any other type of Ketchup."

I pondered this for a moment. I thought about Catsup, which is basically the same as Ketchup. I thought about brown sauce and then I thought about mustard. I like English mustard on Ham and I also like it on a cheese sandwich. It took about one-tenth of one second for those thoughts to pass though my head.

I decided Andrea wouldn't be interested in listening to me talk about English mustard on fresh white Brennans bread, with some Ham and tomatos (either the sliced stuff in a packet or from a Sunday Ham). I just said, "I don't know dear", and hoped that the conversation would move on to something else, like Ham and mustard, for instance.

"I just don't know why they have to use redundant words in their advertisements. I really really really hate redundancy like that!" Andrea laughed and walked away, leaving me at the table to ponder that. Bonkers! I thought to myself.

I'd love a ham and cheese sandwich with mustard and tomatos. Hold the ketchup!

Click here for all the information you need on Ketchup.


  1. are you using unnecessary apostrophes for any particular reason? Now you know that there is only one thing worse than redundant words and that is redundant apostrophes.

    You might like to try this out

  2. Hi Andrea

    Well done on the exams !

    Are you gonna vote for this guy ?


  3. Duh! of course there are other forms of ketchup – my personal favourite is banana ketchup – seriously,it exists. I think its from the Phillipines and it makes a great marinade for barbeque meats. So there you go and are you having a Dan Quaile moment – can’t you spell tomatos? Best wishes – mary

  4. Oh yeah – almost forgot – mushroom ketchup – ketchup is a savoury preserve.
    from guess who–>

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