Posted by: blogone | April 6, 2006

A brainy film about biking

The press screening for Wired to Win, Surviving the Tour De France was on Tuesday at the Fleet. I was volunteering for the day, helping the marketing dept prepare for the event. I got to meet the director of the film, Bayley Silleck, who spent time in Ireland in the 1970s working on Ryan’s daughter.

Wired to Win is a ‘large format film’ and the Fleet has a dome IMAX theatre, so you have a feeling of being suspended in space as the film surrounds you. The film joins two riders, Baden Cooke (Australia) and Jimmy Casper (France), as they attempt to finish the race in Paris. They have to overcome fear, pain, and disaster. Above all they have to stay motivated. The film explains that it is the brain that controls all of this.

Andrea joined me for the film and after we went downtown to get something to eat. After leaving the diner we got caught in a rain shower that soaked us both from head to toe. I was dashing up the road to get the car and Andrea was behind me trying to keep up. Once we got into the car the rain eased off!

Andrea always finds it interesting when I talk to people back home that the weather is mentioned. I was happy to tell her after the rain shower that if San Diego had more weather like that people over here would be talking about the weather a lot more often. There’s not much to talk about when the weather is good all the time.


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