Posted by: blogone | April 6, 2006

Today’s main course: Confusion!

On Wednesday I picked Andrea up from Sanfilippo’s restaurant. They are short-staffed in the kitchen and Andrea suggested that I might be a good candidate to work there in the short-term. When I went in to collect her on Wednesday, Sam, who is connected to the owner, asked me if I would help out. I said I’d be happy to. He told me to start on Thursday morning (today), at 10am. “Come over and meet Anthony and he’ll get you started.”

I arrived at 9.50am, went in and asked for Anthony. Anthony does not work on Thursday. I explained why I was there and then was told to go and see the cook on duty. He didn’t know anything about me starting and suggested that I come back at 11.30am.

11.25am I arrived back at the restaurant. No Anthony, nobody with any idea why I was there. So they suggested that I fill out an application form. I did and I explained that I spoke to Sam the evening before and that I was due to start today.

I was going to go into more detail however confusion seemed the main course on the menu today, so I decided to leave it for now and digest what had happened and come back in the evening to talk to Sam.



  1. Did you go back to talk to Sam? it sure sounds like you’re destined to get that job. JK

  2. Closed loop communication… thats for desserts…. I would produce the sock full of doorknobs you mention below(or better still: lead filled snooker balls) and proceed to let Sam know just what you think about being made a fool of , even if it was just a case of “I forgot to tell the boys’ – he won’t forget again with a jelly like jaw and pelvis!!


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