Posted by: blogone | April 10, 2006

The blind leading the blind

So it looks like the job situation has been resolved…for now. I’m due to start work at the Italian restaurant tonight at 5:00pm. I spoke with the owner, Vito, who apologized for the mix up.

The restaurant is a fairly laid back place. It’s not the fanciest Italian restaurant you can imagine. Their window writing could do with some cleaning up because it’s starting to rub off and in my humble opinion the carpet could do with replacing. It is however popular and in the restaurant game that’s important.

I’m going to work as a cook at the restaurant.

This may… no strike that …will surprise a lot of people. Why? I’ve never been known for my cooking skills. In fact my dad tells me that I could burn water.

The menu consists of pasta, pizza, eggplant casserole etc. So it won’t be too difficult to get the hang of it. I won’t be preparing the food (apart from pizza) from scratch so that should ensure that we continue to have customers after I start.

Vito told me that he will start the training with me today. Did I mention that Vito is blind? He’s going to show me how the restaurant kitchen works.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.


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