Posted by: blogone | April 16, 2006

Fun and games at the restaurant

Saturday. Another lazy day for Andrea and I because the whether is not great today. Andrea was working at 5.30pm, I said that I’d pop in later on for a bite to eat. She asked me “are you not sick of eating food from there”. I responded “I don’t eat that much food from there.” I don’t think she believed me. Maybe our understanding of ‘that much’ is different.

I washed some clothes and washed the dishes (from the day before) and made the apartment look respectable. I took a walk down town and took care of some business. When I came back I put another wash into the machine and went to get some food.

Surprise surprise! The cook (high one) walked out on Friday evening. Andrea didn’t know what happened yet she was waiting to get the full story. The jist of it was that the food was not good, customers were not happy and he just left.

The restaurant was busy and I said to Andrea that if they wanted me to help out then I’m happy to do so. Andrea mentioned it to the cook and he said he was okay for now. She told me this and suggested that I say it again to him before I left because the kitchen was under pressure to get the food out.

I mentioned it again when I finished and he said ‘get to the oven or make some pizza’. So I worked for the evening and I really enjoyed it. I asked NOEL (pron: KNOW-EL), the main cook, what had happed with the other cook. He said that he didn’t know or care. I asked if he would come back. He said that he would probably in about a week or so.

That is very interesting to me. Apparently this has happened before. I wonder if the balance of power in the restaurant lies where it should.

After work we went to the bar next door for a beer before going home. We met Vito (the owner) and he said that he really appreciated the help this evening. I told him I’m happy to help and anyway I appreciated the work.




  1. [ahem, cue my best Tony Soprano accent]
    Hey Tony,
    What kind of “business” you takin’ care of? Sounds like you wacked some guy then went back home to put a wash on?

    and Al, it looks like something’s happened your RSS feed? The last feed I got was on the 12th April – imagine my delight to see this evening that you’ve been blogging away all this time.

  2. what is this about i dont get it?

  3. Hi Kristi, its a diary I’m keeping about my six months living in San Diego, CA. Just the normal things about living etc.

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