Posted by: blogone | April 16, 2006

Recap: Why I am here…?

So why am I here? Okay let’s see. I met Andrea in January 2005 in San Diego, CA while attending a conference for my company.

Andrea and I stayed in touch via Skype and email when I got back to Ireland. I invited her to come to Dublin for a visit. In March 2005 she came over and we went to County Clare and I showed her some of the sights (cliffs of Moher, Bunratty Castle etc.) In April I went to San Diego to visit her.

We got on pretty well and I suggested that she consider coming to Dublin for the summer. Andrea is in SDSU finishing her Anthropology degree. So after some consideration she decided to come to Dublin from June to August.

Two days after she arrived we drove a Volvo Jeep with Paul & Pia, two good friends from Dublin to San Remo in Italy. Over the course of the summer Andrea and I went back and forth to Italy a couple more times.

I didn’t get back to the U.S in 2005 and Andrea, weighed down by college and work, couldn’t get back to Dublin. We decided that we needed to do something or call it quits.

I decided to ask for a leave of absence from my job. My boss, being the cool guy he is, said that he would support it. So in January 2006, I took a six-month LOA from work and came to live in San Diego with Andrea.

Now I’m three months here and it’s hard to believe that pretty soon I’m going to have to start thinking about making preparation to go back to work. Where does the time go?

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