Posted by: blogone | April 16, 2006

You call that a Pizza…?

A post or two ago I mentioned that I was at SDSU for the morning with Andrea. The weather was so good that morning that I lashed factor 15 on my arms, face and neck and wore a polo shirt and decided to leave the jacket at home. I even entertained thoughts of going down to the beach with Andrea after college for a walk, (imagine me in all white pants and a big puffy white shirt open to the waist and a deep tan, while Andrea is in white flowing dress and we walk along shoeless in the waters of the pacific). Well that wasn’t to be the case because it started to lash rain shortly after the battery of my thinkpad died.

On the way home Andrea and I stopped off at Blockbuster to get a movie. It was going to be a day for sitting on the couch eating junk food and drinking beer / wine. We rented ‘Walk the Line’ a film about John Cash and June Carter Cash. Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon both sang the songs in the movie. No voice over and no dubbing. Joaquin gave a great performance as well as Oscar winning Reese. Whoever said that she was all forehead and boobs clearly got it wrong.

We decided to order some food, so being the lazy sod that I am suggested that we order from the restaurant that we work at. Then I could just nip across the street and pick up the order. Andrea decided that she was going to have a pizza, cheese (light), artichoke and pineapple. I decided on Spaghetti with crushed garlic and oil AND for good measure I got a small (honest) eggplant casserole thing.

When I got back with the food Andrea opened up her pizza and suddenly it got dark in the apartment. It was not a nice pizza. It wasn’t cooked properly and when Andrea took out a slice all the food (and I mean all of it) slid off the slice. I thought she was going to transform in a hulk-like way and go and tear the head off the cook (high-one).

We have to pay for our food, we get a discount but we still pay. I pointed out that at least my spaghetti looked okay and hoped that she would share in the joy of that statement and not my Spaghetti (only joking).

I put the pizza in the oven to cook it a little more; however I don’t think Andrea ate any of it. She did however help herself to half of my Spaghetti and half the eggplant thing.

Andrea resolved to say to the cook on Saturday evening when she was working that the pizza was a terrible mess. I just hope for his sake he’s not too high. What a downer that would be.




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