Posted by: blogone | April 22, 2006

Can anyone smell cheese?

Can't sleep. My feet are aching. I’ve been working at the restaurant most days and evenings because Mateo, who was hired to work as a pizza cook, decided not to show up anymore. He has to travel from Tijuana to San Diego everyday, which means getting up at 5.30am to be in San Diego for 8.30am. Ouch!

To be honest I don’t think that he really cared for the job AND I suspect that he was responsible for the pizza that annoyed Andrea last Friday.

Now I spend my days slicing cheese, lettuce, dry salami, onions (the tears just keep coming), more cheese, egg plant, and any thing else Noel can find for me to slice. My evenings are spent in front of ‘Mother Oven’ making Pizza and sandwiches.

Friday was a busy day and evening. I must have prepared and cooked over 60 Pizzas. It could be much higher I wasn’t counting.

I accept that for the next while there will be a pong of flour or pizza or food in general coming from me. Even after I shower Andrea maintains that there is still a smell. Every day the conversation goes something like:

Andrea: ‘Did you wash your hair?’

Me: ‘Yes’

Andrea: ‘Did you wash under your arms?’

Me: ‘Yes’

Andrea: ‘Are you sure?’

Me: ‘Yes’

Andrea: ‘There’s still a smell.’

Me: ‘I know!’

Andrea: ‘I’m just saying, that’s all’

Me: ‘I know’

I don’t expect it to change in the short term; it’s just is part of the job.



  1. have you tried smearing yourself in honey?

    I saw that in a movie once and was not =that= kind of movie.

    Paula once told me there was smell of sour milk in her car and I told her I had a hot tip for getting rid of the smell.. pop half an onion in there for a little bit and it gets rid of the smell. 4 years later she’s still going on about the smell of onions in her car (apparently much worse than the smell of sour milk). Now she has a different car but I’m sure it was nothing to do with my =advice=.

  2. The sad thing about that is that I think I told you about the onion trick. If I didn’t tell you, I did tell someone. They probably don’t talk to me now.

  3. ha ha! that’s hilarious. I thought it was all my fault. Wait until I tell Paula it was your crazy idea.

    Do you smell any better today?

  4. A little, now I go back to the restaurant, so if it got better, it’s about to get worse again.

  5. Bleach… Lots of it

  6. Did you wash your hair – to which I reply “What hair?”.

    Secondly – although it should be firstly, flour doesn’t smell

    Best wishes

    Mary McD

  7. Har-de-har. I do have hair. Under my arms and other not too hard to reach places.

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