Posted by: blogone | April 30, 2006

Excellent Advert from Wes Anderson and AMEX

An AMEX advert featuring Wes Anderson (movie director). I learned so much about the movie business from one 30 second advert!


  1. what about the comments about the clip on the Youtube page. Why do people always have to attack each other in these comments areas. Don’t ask me why but I was in a forum earlier for Mercedes-Benz SL55 owners (I SAID DON’T ASK) and one guy was talking about the wax he uses on his SL55. Then this other guy responds and says something like “anyone who knows anything about paint knows that… blah blah etc”. The first guy responds and there is a war of words. People who don’t know each other are suddenly hating each other. Scroll down through the comments for this add and you’ll see two or three people having a go at each other about how the movie business works. Why do people do this? Literally?

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