Posted by: blogone | May 3, 2006

Cut this, cut that…

Things have been going well at the restaurant. They have hired a new guy called Juan. He’s Mexican and that makes pretty much everyone who works in the kitchen Mexican, except for me!
Noe, (that’s how it is spelled), and I work together in the mornings. Juan works the evening shift Monday thru Thursday and Noe, Juan and me work Friday evening and Saturday evening.

The jist of my job is this:

8:30am – Arrive

8:35am – Start preparing cheese for the day. This involves getting 3 blocks of full milk Mozzarella cheese and two blocks of semi-skimmed Mozzarella cheese and putting them through the shredder-thing.

9:00am – Cut / Slice: Tomatoes, Onions, Ham, Bacon, Provolone Cheese, Dry Salami, Mushrooms. Clean slicing machine after each use.

10:00am – Prepare ‘Torpedo’ sandwich setup’s for the day. The setup includes four slices of italian ham, two slices of dry Salami on top, two slices of different ham on top and two slices of Provolone cheese on top. When a Torpedo is ordered, these go into a toasted bun with lettuce, tomatoes, oil and some seasoning. Quite a nice sandwich really.

11:00am – Prepare two to three Lasagna for the the day.

11:40 am – Beat up 30 eggs, get bowl of flour, slice up six egg plant and dip in flour and egg mix, put into bread-crumbs and leave for Noe to fry in hot oil. These are used for the casseroles.

12:00: Assist Noe through the lunch-time, making Pizza, Torpedos etc.

2:00pm – Clean up. Slice more cheese, tomatoes etc.

3:00pm – Finish for the day.

On Friday and Saturday I come back in at five to work the evening shift also.

Fascinating stuff, I think you’ll agree.


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