Posted by: blogone | May 4, 2006

Okay / Ok anybody have any ideas?

Are there any other words that sound the same whether abbreviated or not?

My example is OK sounds the same as OKAY.

In the car today Andrea and I had a conversation that went something like this.

Me: I think it would be hard not to abbreviate.

Andrea: What do you mean?

Me: Well, we’re on our way to get a DVD. Imagine if instead of going for a DVD, it was normal to say, ‘Let’s go get a Digital Versatile Disk.’

Andrea: Is that what it means?

Me: Yes. Do you want to go to the ‘International House of Pancakes?’ (iHop)

Andrea: Is that another example?

Me: Yes.

Andrea: OK

Me: Is that okay or OK?

Andrea: Get out of my car!

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  1. Hey good to see you’re wearing your wife beater top on the picture. Do you also have a few Stella Artios in the fridge to complete that profile.

    Keep her on the fairway and always putt for birdies..

  2. How about Q/queue?

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