Posted by: blogone | May 7, 2006

Trailer Park Boys – LIVE!

Randy from Trailer Park Boys, not my neighbour! 

A lot of the time when I’m in the apartment I sit at the kitchen table. This gives me a good view of the street and the usual going-ons along the street.

The types of things that go by are:
Cars / SUVs / Ambulance / Fire Trucks
People walking
People jogging
A man on a unicycle (saw him again this morning)

Two men across the street working in their garden – all the time. I noticed today that one of the men across the street never appears to wear a top. I thought that he wore a jumper, he doesn’t, he has a really hairy body.

It reminded me of Randy from Trailer Park Boys, a really funny show set in a Canadian Trailer Park. It shows on Paramount Comedy in Ireland.



  1. TPB is a great show. You might live on a set without realizing it.

  2. Can’t you be arrested for taking photos without permission?

  3. you`re magnetic.

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