Posted by: blogone | May 9, 2006

Failure means a drowning death…


David Blaine, or DB, to those that know him, failed in his attempt to hold his breath longer than anyone else, while under water, while chained, or something like that. The list of people trying to do this must be huge.

Anyway I had a quick look on David's website, an all together uninteresting experience I can tell you. One section that caught my eye was 'Musings', here is an example of some of David's musings:

  • Those who complain about missing a meal or being bored, you have never really suffered, or witnessed your loved one face death, smiling in your arms. I hope you are so lucky one day.
  • Soft is stronger than hard, Love is stronger than hate, Water is stronger than stone, Silence is stronger than screams
  • The most courageous act a man can do is cry

Muse on David, muse on!
The poster on his website says 'Drowned Alive, Failure means a drowning death'. Well he failed and he didn't drown. What's the story with that? Was that the real trick? Or does 'death' refer to the death of his career?

To visit David's website, click here



  1. I’m surprised that your beloved didn’t also mention that the phrase “drowning death” could be lumped in with phrases such as “tomato ketchup” – although, we’ve sorted out the ketchup issue haven’t we?

  2. One could also say that one has a problem with drowned alive – surely if one is drowned it is implicit that one is now dead……

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