Posted by: blogone | May 9, 2006

Get Bent Ikea!

For those of you who wait with baited breath for Ikea to open in Ireland, I'd ask you to thread carefully. Andrea and I bought a 4 pack of spoons for $0.99 (or something outrages like that), a couple of months ago.

Look at the shocking image below. Does that spoon look right to you? It doesn't to me. It's bent!

Damn you Ikea and your cheap goods.

Ikea spoon



  1. Did you have Uri Geller over for tea? That would explain it.

  2. yeah, what a rip-off! I mean there was a time that a 24.75c spoon would last a lifetime. What a disgrace. Now you know those same spoons will be €4.99 here

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