Posted by: blogone | May 11, 2006

Do I have bad rotation skills? No!

I was shocked to my core, (not really), on Monday when Noe told me that I had bad ‘rotation skills’. The conversation went a bit like this:


Noe: Alan look at this Torpedo set up. Is bad.

Me: Looks okay to me.

Noe: No look, the cheese is squashy. I throw out.

Me: Okay.

Noe: You have bad rotation skills.

Me: (blank look)

Noe: Yeah, you have bad rotation skills. You should use take the older Torpedo setup.

Me: Oh right that’s what you mean. I thought you meant I had difficulty turning around.

Noe: (blank look)

Me: …anyway I don’t have bad rotation skills. I always take the older Torpedo setup first and put the newer one at the bottom of the storage box.

Anyway for some reason it bugged me for the day. I don’t know why. It’s not that big a deal. I bet you’re reading this thinking, ‘he does have bad rotation skills’.

Well I don’t.

So there!


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