Posted by: blogone | May 12, 2006

Tater Tots You Belong To Me!

Tater tots are the most fantastic food on the planet. There I've said it. Anyone who disagrees is a tot hating sociophile, sorry Sociopath. I don't know that that word means or if it is even spelled correctly but that is what tot haters are. Sociopaths.

Maybe some power or higher power is reading this and thinking "I was going to blog about Tater Tots, you stole my idea." Too late I've totted up my blog. I won.

I got there first



  1. I’m pretty sure that socio-phile means someone who loves society. I could look it up, but it’s more fun to guess. Tot lovers unite!!! (in misunderstanding of compounded words)

  2. Thanks for the comment. I think I meant Sociopath instead of Sociophile. I’ll make an admendement.

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