Posted by: blogone | May 16, 2006

Derek tastes of earwax

Perhaps one in every hundred people experiences a blending of the senses. This is called synaesthesia. I know I'm not one of these 'synaesthesias', obiviously not cool enough to join their club.  Well I'm going to start club of my own and synaesthesias won't be allowed to join.

So there. 

Anyway if you want to see what I see, or don't as the case may be click here.  This is a BBC site that is part of an experiment.  Its quick and interesting (ignore my rant above). 

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  1. are you sure this isn’t a disease?

  2. […] This condition is known as Synethsesia. I’ve posted about this before. The BBC has a good site that you can test yourself. […]

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