Posted by: blogone | May 16, 2006

Prince Charles, The Pope, Ken Barlow, the Cosmic Balance and my camera.

I wasn't working in the restaurant today. Noe wants to see how the new guy does on his own. I decided to take a walk down town. In Balboa park the tree services companies were out giving one particularly large tree a trim. It was quite an impressive sight. They had a crane, tree stomper and loads of guys with rope. I was thinking that it would be great to have my camera to take some pictures for the blog.

I was getting a little hungry and decided that I'd have lunch somewhere along the way. I stopped off at a Mexican restaurant because I fancied something spicy. ESPN was showing the UEFA, European Champions League Final from 2005, Liverpool V Milan. Fantastic. It was 3-2 and Liverpool were making a historic comeback. I was chuffed; good food, great TV, what a great start to my afternoon.

Interesting fact from the Liverpool Champions Leagure Final: The last time Liverpool won the Champions League, (it wasn't called it back then),

Prince Charles got married, the Pope died and a character from a famous soap opera in the UK called Coronation Street, got married.

In 2005, Prince Charles got married, the Pope died and the same character in the same soap opera got married. If the cosmic balance was to be maintained then Liverpool would have to win the game. They did.

After that I went to Borders books to see if there was any books that I could impulse buy. There were and I did. I got a gem of a book called Fermat's Enigma and I nearly bought 'Crime and Punishment' on CD, it was $50 dollars, however it is unabridged and on 21 CDs. I might see if I can get it on Audible or iTunes.

Has anyone read / listened to Crime & Punishment?

As I walked back to the apartment I was looking at the various shots I could take, if I had my camera. It annoyed me that I left it in Ireland, and while it's not a particularly expensive camera I liked it and I didn't want to buy a new one. Not yet anyway.

Two minutes after arriving back to the apartment there was a knock at the door. I opened it to see the post lady with a package. Four months later my camera had arrived. The Carrier Pigeon must have made it across the pond. Ah the cosmic balance restored…or something.
Thank you to Paul, Mary and the postal service for getting it here.

Expect more photos on the blog. Badly taken, out of focus, red eye photos, but photos none the less.

Now, did I pack the power supply for the camera…? 



  1. speaking of Liverpool – just in case you haven’t heard already , they won the F.A. final at the weekend in what john Motson described as the best final of the past 15 years – again they were 2 goals down, again harry Kewell had to limp off and again their keeper was the hero as he saved three penalties – oh, and Gerrard scored a 35 yard screamer to equalise in the 91st minute. You would have loved it, Al!

    Crime and Punishment is a wonderful book,by the way – I would strongly recommend it.

    Hope you’re keeping well,


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