Posted by: blogone | May 19, 2006

‘I need you to be my hands…’

**Note, if you are squeamish the images below may shock you.**

If you knew how much pain I'm in as I write this, you would read it all the way to the end and be moved by the pain and heartache in every word…but don't cry for me.

My hours are being reduced in the restaurant because the Noe wants to train the new guy. He essentially wants to see if he can cut it. I already regret that pun.

I had to work on Wednesday because the new guy had to visit the doctor. Noe told me that he's not sure if the new guy will work out. 'He's lazy', Noe told me during the morning. 'He talk talk talk, not remember to do things, he make a Lasagne with too much Parmesan cheese'. He told Noe that I told him to use three handfull's of Parmesan cheese on each layer of the Lasagne. That makes for a lot of Parmesan cheese. For the record I didn't tell him that!

Noe has replaced the Hobart slicer with a smaller slicer. The blade is still 12", the form factor is smaller. I have to say its a good blade, but I prefer the Hobart.

We had a large order to prepare for the lunch. There was a party of 26 coming in, so we needed to get things ready. We knew what the order was in advance, 2 Pizza, one special, one deluxe, 1 whole Lasagne, 1 half tray of Ravoli and 2 large Anti-pasto salads, one with meat, one without and some other things. Lunch was really busy on top of that. Lots of Torpedo sandwiches, pizzas etc.

New blades arrived on Wednesday and boy were they sharp. So sharp that I managed to cut myself. I cried out MEDIC, MAN DOWN, MAN DOWN, maybe they couldn't hear me over the clang of the dishes and sounds of the Mexican music playing in the background. I still ask myself to this day who was to blame; the government, the system, me, the knife sharpener. So many unanswered questions, so little time. I had to get a bandage and fast, or I could 'bleed out'.

It had to happen one day. You can't work in a busy restaurant and not expect to get cut. Maybe I was crazy to think that I would be the one guy who could get away with it. I thought that I respected the blades, I do, but they don't see it that way and if 'Lady blade' is annoyed with you she bites. I found that out when 'Lady Blade' left me bleeding, heart and finger.

There was no way I was leaving Noe during a busy lunch period, no way no how. Not on my watch. We stay together. I was going to be very limited in what I could do, but then I remembered the film 'Scent of a Woman' with Al Pacino.

A blind man, Frank Slade, has a special weekend planned, and it involves among other things driving a Ferrari at high speed, while his 'baby-sitter' gives directions.

I called the dishwasher Alfredo, "Alfredo, I'm hurt, hurt bad, I don't know if I can go on…making pizza, salads and bread, I need you to be my hands Alfredo, I need YOU to make the food"

I'm not describing myself as the hero of the story, but if you want to…

The images:

The Bandage

the bandage
The Naked Wound:



  1. Oh, man! And here I thought you were gonna give me something REALLY gross to gawk at.

    But . . . jeez. I hope you have good insurance đŸ˜‰

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