Posted by: blogone | May 23, 2006

Not much happening…but…

The results have been computed, contabulated, confrabulated, conformulated and combumulated for accuracy. Andrea has now received straight A's in all her exams. One of these exams 'medical anthropology' was a graduate level exam; taken by MBA students. Not only is JK a straight A student, so is Andrea. How about that!

Well done Andrea.

P.S. Andrea managed to do this while working two jobs and taking more than the average number of classes for the semester, AND putting up with me.

In other news, here are some pictures of the resturant.

Click here to view them.



  1. Hey Andrea, congratulations on your exam results. Well Done… With 2 jobs that must have been tough, and even tougher with Alan’s mug looking at you every day :-))

  2. Well done Andrea !!

  3. super job Andrea. You’ve done yourself proud! Time for a well-deserved break 🙂

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