Posted by: blogone | May 24, 2006

Al Jazeera International

"America doens't understand the world very well, but the world doesn't understand America either."

Nigel Parsons, Managing Director AJI. 


Ex-U.S Marine Josh Rushing

Josh Rushing: turncoat, pawn, biggest boob in America, traitor…on air personality for a 24-hour news channel?


The battery died on my TP earlier on.  I was in Starbucks and decided to go buy myself one of those paper things with pages that are glued together…a magazine, that's it. 


I got a copy of FAST COMPANY.  I've read some articles online and its quite good.  I've never purchased a print-copy of this magazine before.  The feedback page had lots about an article called "Al Jazeera's (Global) Mission, written by Linda Tischler.  Some of the feedback included:


Kudos on such a complete and informative story on the launch of Al Jazeera International …I do hope Americans can look past what they've  been spoon-fed on the subject of Al Jazeera…This article is mind-altering.  It's so amazing to hear something of real value from a U.S. source….


I thought to myself, 'this is interesting', so I went onto Fast Company to read the article. 


It's an excellent article and well worth a read. It looks at Al Jazeera's new channel, boradcast in English and includes some broadcast heavy hitters including Dave Marash (ABC), Sir David Frost (BBC),and Riz Kahn (CNN) among others.  I encourage anyone to have a look at this unbiased article that is well written and insightful.


 Anyone read it?  Any comments? 


Click here for Fast Company and click here to read the article



  1. I did request a new battery for your TP but heard nothing since. I failed at the key stage, as Ram Charan puts it, follow-up.

    I’ll come back to you before the end of the week on that.

    who is the guy in the shawl.. did I miss something? is he connected to the article, does he work at Starbucks?

  2. Hi, don’t worry about it. I don’t have much longer to stay and I’ve got the new machine. I can survive the rest of the trip without it and will be nice to have when I get back.

    The guy in the picture is Josh Rushing the ‘face of AJI’. Apologies if that was not clear in the post.


  3. Hi, Alan. You were asking (over at my place) about increasing blog traffic. Here’s a must read article: Don’t Dump That Weblog! by one of my favorite bloggers, Paperback Writer. She wrote this article with author/writer-bloggers in mind, but she gives good solid advice which applies to everyone.

    I think you have to ask yourself: why are you blogging, and why do you want to increase traffic? For us author-wannabes, the answer is simple: (A) networking with other writers, published and unpublished alike; (B) developing a potential fan base of folks who will not only buy our books but hype them on their blogs. For folks like me who live in the boonies and can’t make it to conventions, blogging is indispensable.

    If you’re blogging for the same reason that folks used to write to pen-pals (i.e., to make friends with people around the world), then keep doing what you’re doing. Offer a bit of yourself on each post and folks will respond to that. Post regularly. I enjoy your posts about the restaurant biz — I think of this as a Kitchen Confidential kinda blog.

    On the other hand, if you’re solely interested in boosting traffic and you don’t care what kind of traffic you get, the answer is easy. Post nude photos. And that’s another thing — use sexual keywords. The mere act of writing ‘nude photos’ in close proximity to ‘sexual’ will (once the search engines find this post) generate more traffic. It’s a funny thing, but different words work for different people. One of my pals told me that the words tantric sex drove a lot of people to her site. I tried it, and got bupkes. Different strokes, I guess.

    Hope this helps,


  4. I’ve responded more fully at my place, now that I’ve reread your question and I see you want more comments, not more hits. My bad.

  5. hi Al

    there wasa good interview with director general of al Jazeera in newsweek recently -” I can’t censor hard news for political gain. We are not a propaganda tool for anyone. George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld complain about us, but we’ve broadcast more than 5,000 hours of Bush’s speeches, live, translated into Arabic; we have not aired more than five hours of bin Laden’s. So, no, we’re not Bin Laden’s mouthpiece.”

    Here’s the article in full

    I always find the argument from US that Al Jazeera is a propaganda tool, helping to incite violence, tragically funny, especially when you consider their own attempts at media control in Iraq

    Hope you’re keeping well,


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