Posted by: blogone | May 25, 2006

Interesting morning…sort of

6:00 AM: Thursday morning, alarm goes off. Why? Andrea has decided to get up early to go down to the Mission restaurant to give notice that she is leaving.  The reason for leaving is that the kitchen at the Mission takes far to long to prepard the food, which makes it harder for the server to do their jobs.  Andrea often comes home telling me that the kitchen was taking up to an hour to produce food that should be ready in ten to fifteen minutes.  Also she has more shifts offered to her at Sanfilippo's.  

6:30AM: Alarm goes off again after being ‘snoozed’ about four times. Andrea still not up. I decide to get up and go for a run/walk because I’m awake.

6:45 AM: Stretching complete, feeling sufficiently sore to attempt to run in Balboa park. Head off for a run.

7:10AM: Arrive back to apartment; collect mail, tons of junk mail, figuratively! Go up to apartment. Andrea is up and getting ready. I have a shave, hop into shower and get ready.

8:00 AM: Andrea goes through junk mail, opens mail from her mum, a nice card, and packs up junk for trash. I iron a T-shirt to wear. We decided to drive down to the Mission to hand in the notice and then drive to the Light Train Station and take the green line to SDSU.

8:10 AM: Arrive at Mission, park car. Get out of the car and head towards entrance. Andrea meets Gideon, a fellow Mission employee, outside.

Andrea: Hi Gideon how are you?

Gideon: Hi, I’m great.

Andrea: Where are you off too?

Gideon: I’ve just quit this place. I’m sick of it.

Andrea: NO WAY!

Gideon: WAY!

(Okay they didn’t do the NO WAY, WAY bit, but it would have been cooler if they did)

8:11 AM: We go into the Mission and go to the bar counter. I’ve decided that I’m going to have a Cranberry juice, to keep in tune with my healthy start to the day. Andrea decided on a Chi latte, or something like that.

Andrea’s boss Steve comes out.

Steve: Hi Andrea

Andrea: Hi Steve how are you?

Steve: Well you won’t believe the morning I’m having. Gideon just came in and handed me his keys and said ‘I don’t work here anymore’. What a day. What brings you by here so early?

Andrea: I want to pick up my paycheck.

(At this stage I was thinking of bailing out the window. I could see that Andrea looked at me, but I was too busy looking at the ceiling or the floor or anywhere else but at the situation developing in front of me).

So Andrea and Steve went into the back room. Andrea told Steve that she was handing notice and gave him her resignation letter. Steve for his part really appreciated that Andrea took the time to write a letter and that she was willing to work her notice.

8:15 AM: Andrea and I back in the car on the way to the station.

I thought that it was interesting the way the situation at the mission developed. Andrea’s boss could have been all peed off with her for quitting, however Gideon’s actions set up the situation for her to look like the good guy.

I think she handled the situation in a really professional manner and with a high level of integrity. Gideon on the other hand….

8:30 (ish)AM: On train to SDSU. We meet Kent, a friend, who also attends SDSU. Kent is a big LOST fan. He watched the two-hour season finale last evening. We don’t have a TV so we couldn’t watch it. I download the episodes from iTunes the next day because they only go onto iTunes the next day. Kent was bursting to talk about the episodes but was told not too by Andrea, under pain of death. The conversation was short and to the point:

Andrea: Hi Kent,

Kent: Hi, did you guys download it?

Andrea: No today. Alan is going to do it while I’m in class. Was it good, did it answer any questions or did anyone die? Don’t tell me, because I don’t want to know. Did it end like last season with a huge cliffhanger? Don’t tell me.

Kent: Garraah! I need to talk about it soon. (Kent goes silent).

Alan: (silent)

Andrea: (silent)

8: 46 AM: Train arrives at SDSU, Andrea goes to class, and Kent and I walk towards Starbucks. We have a conversation about the episodes. Kent gives me just enough information. He heads off to class. I start the download process.

10:00 AM: Begin writing this post….


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