Posted by: blogone | May 27, 2006

So Dark the Con of Man

Can anyone tell me what the heck 'So Dark the Con of Man' is supposed to mean?



  1. Yes. Saunière wrote the message “So dark the con of Man” with a curator’s pen that can only be read in ultra-violet light. The second clue is an anagram for Madonna of the Rocks, a Da Vinci painting hanging nearby. Behind this painting, Saunière hid a key. On the key, written with the curator’s pen, is an address. etc. etc.

  2. Thanks. There are posters all over the place with ‘so dark the con of’ on them. I was wondering what it was about.

  3. yes. those would be the posters advertising some film called “the da vinci code”.. apparently it’s based on a book.

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