Posted by: blogone | May 28, 2006

Viva Viejas…

Saturday at the restaurant was a busy night. The tickets for food came in fast and furious. The mood in the kitchen was good. Andrea told me later on that it was Primo’s birthday the day before, so that may have had something to do with that.
On Sunday, Andrea went off to work at the Mission and arrived home at 3:00pm. We decided on the fly to head off to Viejas (pronounced Vee-eay-hass).

Viejas is a casino that is on an Indian reserve. It’s located about 30 miles from San Diego.

We agreed that we wouldn’t go crazy betting cash. We put a limit on the money we would spend. We agreed on a maximum of $50 each for betting. Most of the tables were $15, $20, $25 minimum to buy in. That felt a little rich for us, so we decided to see if there were any $1 tables. None.

I did find a table that was a $10 dollar buy-in for a game called ‘WAR’. The idea is simple. The dealer gives you a card and he takes one. The higher card wins. Needless to say the house won.

We left that table just minutes after sitting at it, with a big dent in our $50 budget.

To the Buffet…

I had tried gambling and got burned. The experience had left me empty…in the stomach area. Andrea too. It was time for food. We hit the buffet, and hit it hard. The food was excellent. Lots of salads, lettuce, and all things healthy were on offer.

I ignored them all and hit the meat counters and ice cream counters. The diet starts again today.

After the buffet we took a walk around. A little later Andrea sat down at a Roulette table. The table was computer controlled. Andrea told me that there are some restrictions on the games Indian casions can offer. The can only offer card games, slot machies and bingo. The roulette table was controlled by computer so this allowed them to have it.

At this table you placed your bet on a computer screen and the mechanics of the wheel took care of the rest. It was about 10:00pm when Andrea started and it was 12:00am when she called it quits.

Andrea started off with $20 and cashed out at the end with $46 dollars. Cool. I was off wandering around, playing some slot machines and every time I came back Andrea would be either about $20 or just below it. She didn’t realize how long she’d been at the table.

Towards the end she was getting bored. So she decided to bet what she had on the table all of it. I think it was about $15. She put it all over the table.The ball flew out and hit the wheel. Around and around it went. Where it stopped no one would know, except maybe the casino. It landed on 00. Andrea had put something like 50cents of her cash on 00. That brought her winnings up to $46. She decided to cash out.

No college on Monday because of Memorial Day in the U.S.A. We took a drive back. Andrea spotted a sign for fresh fruit.

We took a detour to find it. What we found was something that looked like a scene from a ghost town.

No fresh fruit for us. Was this a sign to eat more fast food?

It was a really nice night away. It didn’t take to long to get there. The traffic was light and best of all it felt like a vacation. We came back tired and ready to sleep.

As I said to Andrea on the way back in the car, ‘I can’t believe that we’re going back to dreary San Diego so soon’.

Andrea just ignored me.



  1. The only time my partner and I went to to a casino, we walked away with about $250 in winnings. It was tough to leave–but I forced us to go so we didn’t lose it all!

  2. It is tough to leave. On the way back to the hotel I wondered what would have happened if I asked Andrea to put $2 on 00, or more. I think that you have to force yourself to be rational and walk away.

  3. Ahhh…. the roads, I miss the roads in the US, and the sun..
    your pic there Alan brings me back to some of the short road trips i’ve taken in the states (mainly in Texas)and remember blissfully the lack of roundabouts and traffic light roundabouts. On gambling, I remember trying my luck in Vegas in MGM Casino/hotel… I played the slots for about 3 hrs and then onto blackjack for about an hour, I broke even and decided that was that, I didn’t gamble for the rest of the trip, I just ate, like you I headed for the meat counter in every buffet, one leaf of lettuce and a pound and a half of various angel dust encrusted meats…ahhhh. Ooops, i feel a nose bleed coming on… later dude.

  4. It must be done at a buffet. I believe that vegetarians do the same thing at a buffet. ‘Salad! no way where’s the meat counter??’ :-0

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