Posted by: blogone | June 3, 2006

Elbow grease…

Sunday a week or two ago I went to the restaurant to help Noe move the ice machine that was on the patio. The reason for the move was that the health and safety inspector came in and said that the restaurant had to move it inside. The ice machine that was originally inside was broken and had been removed some months ago.

The restaurant does not open on a Sunday so this was the best time to do it. Noe told me that the moving of the machine would not cause too much hassle. The hassle he expected to come from the water pipes. He would need to do some re-tubing of pipes.

‘Dammit! I’m not a plumber, I’m a pizza cook Jim’, I thought to myself.

Anyway, on this particular Sunday, while Noe was working away preparing the pipes inside I didn’t have much to do. Instead of being bored I decided to put myself to work. I took the wooden floorboards out of the kitchen, brought them out to the back yard to de-grease and wash them. What a difference! We take these boards out at the end of each shift and sweep them down to remove any dirt and food caught between the boards, however it has been quite a while, if ever, since they have been washed.  Noe was impressed with my cleaning efforts.

The rest of that Sunday involved two walking trips to the hardware store about one mile away to get parts that we didn’t have to finish the job, water spilling everywhere, a small electric shock for me and an ice machine that decided not to produce any ice dominated the rest of that Sunday, however that’s a post for another day.

Where am I going with this? Now there is a clean up operation going on in the kitchen. Noe asked me to come in on Thursday at 8.00 to take down the air vent for the kitchen and clean the vents and the air blades. While I was doing this we decided to take out the air filters above the cooking stoves and clean them too.

These things were covered in grease, big time.

Before cleaning:

The image above are the filters from above the cooking stove.

This is the vent from the fan in the kitchen.

After cleaning:

I couldn't believe how much grease came off these things. And I couldn't believe how much elbow grease it took to shift the dirt. Not pictured are the wire brush and scraper that I had to use.

Then I had anohter idea. Why not use the dishwasher to give them a better cleaning.

This is the water with more dirt and grease from the filters.

The image below is the filter post dishwasher

I was impressed with how much more dirt and grease came away.

The kitchen is looking pretty good at the moment. I suggested to Noe that these should be taken down once an month and cleaned. He agreed.


  1. THIS is exactly why we want you back!

  2. Thanks. I hope that store room is still clean.

  3. emmmm… yeah…. the store room…

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