Posted by: blogone | June 6, 2006

Karfuffle in Hillcrest

I went to Balboa Park the other day to read 'The Faithful Spy', written by Alex Berenson. Its a pretty good story. The book blurb goes:

John Wells, the only American CIA agent ever to penetrate al Qaeda. Since before the attacks in 2001, Wells has been hiding in the mountains of Pakistan, biding his time, building his cover. Now, on the orders of Omar Khadri – the malicious mastermind plotting more al Qaeda strikes on America – Wells is coming home.

And as the Velvet Blog might write:

Wacky high jinks ensue!

I was on my way back home when I saw three police cars parked on the street across from my apratment. As I walked along one of the cars removed itself from the scene.

I wondered what was going on; a drugs bust maybe, a shooting, a hostage situation…? I grabbed my camera and took a shot or two of the scene. How could I find out what was happening?

Steve. He'd know. Suddenly he came out of his apartment, I knew he'd have the info.

Steve told me that an SUV / Truck thing was driving along and stopped a bit too quickly for the guy on the motorbike behind him. The carfullfle started when the guy in truck went to drive off and the bike gave chase. Then the truck stopped suddenly… again and the bike ran into the back of the truck…again. The guy on the bike fell over.

Handbags at dawn

From what I can gather from Steve's account the two guys were shouthing at each other. I asked Steve if anyone threw a punch. Not that he could tell.

Neither of the two main participants in this carfuffle was available for comment. The police hung around for a few minutes to make sure that calm returned to Hillcrest. They also appeared to eat sandwiches standing against a wall.

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