Posted by: blogone | June 11, 2006

This post will get my bottom kicked for me.

I don't know why I'm even writing this. There may be trouble ahead. Someone is not going to be happy. If I don't post for a few days after today then I may be in big trouble.

Why? Click the link to find out…

Andrea is off to Costa Rica next week with her mum and brother for a holiday. Its rainy season there, so Andrea bought a Coleman Poncho for her hikes etc. I took this picture. I showed it to her and the conversation went something like:

Andrea: show me

Alan: Okay

Andrea: Don't put that on your blog thing. I'm telling you. Don't.

Alan: (fingers crossed). I won't.

Andrea: You'll be in trouble.

I hear Andrea's car pulling in now. Gotta post quick.


  1. Dear Readers,

    Sorry to report that Alan has had un unfortunate accident and will no longer be able to blog….Neither me or my associates had anything to do with this. No questions if you know whats good for you.


  2. Well now, thats just a cute pic…
    Andrea if it doesn’t rain in Costa Rica you can tie up the ends and blow it up to make a dinghy to paddle about in the water… Great fun 😉 By the way, your missing some cracking weather here in the sod. Liked the pork races!

  3. I just think my daughter is just the best no matter what she wears…

  4. I agree with Andrea’s dad.

  5. Alan is just jealous that he could not carry off wearing rain gear as well as Andrea!

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