Posted by: blogone | June 21, 2006

What a week!

OH NO!  I spent the last forty or so minutes writing my post.  I used 2 to write the text.  I cut and pasted the text into the browser.  I decided to write some more.  I went back to OpenOffice, cleared the screen and started writing again.  

I cut and pasted the text into the browser and hit publish.  The only thing that published was the title.  The only text I can salvage from OpenOffice was the second part that I'd written. 

Here it is:

I decided that instead of trying to hold my breath for up to two days I'd move to a hotel for the duration of the fumigation.  I checked online for hotel offers.  I got a good deal at the Holiday Inn on the Bay.  I had an  interesting experience with this hotel two years ago.  I was attending a company conference along with up to 10,000 other employees and business partners.  Because of the large numbers of people it was a requirement that employees share rooms. 

The hotel decided to put me in a room that already had two people.  They neglected to tell me this.  When I arrived in the room I noticed two suitcases on each bed.  I thought my room mate was a cheeky bugger for putting his stuff on both beds.  Then it hit me.  I picked up the room phone and called reception.  I asked how many people were booked into this room and was informed that there were three people including me. 

There were only two beds in the room.  I mentioned that and was told that I should talk to the other gentlemen about the bedding arrangements!  I took my bags and went down to reception to sort this out.  I was told
'we have no rooms', a few times, then I was put into a room with a pull out bed for the night, on my own.  I left the hotel the next day. 

Shitty customer experience, free WiFi Internet access.  It was time to give them a second chance.

The first part contained fun, jokes, emotions, challenges, growth, enlightenment and resolutions. 

I'm not writing it again! 


  1. I hate it when that happens.

  2. Man! Don’t be sucha wuss. It could have been an experience of a life time for you, cuddling up to big porky yanks and sharing bedtime stories together..

  3. hey dude… you then went on to crash with me for the week and then you went on to meet Andrea a couple of nights later.. So mabye their f*ck up was your good luck! 🙂

  4. I hate it when that happens.

    I keep telling myself to write posts in Word and then copy and paste into the blogging software, but I almost never do.

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