Posted by: blogone | June 29, 2006

After a week or two without a broadband connection we’ve finally managed to get back on-line with the aid of Cox Communications.  How long is a week in Internet time, a month, a year, a decade?

Maggie, such a cute nick name,  came back from Costa Rica and had a ball of a time with her Mum and brother.
While they were having a great time my brother and his friend came to visit for the week and I had a fantastic time with them in San Diego.

The house was fumigated for termites on a Tuesday.  I had to stay out of it until the Thursday and they didn’t turn the gas back on until the Saturday.  I developed quite the beard due to not shaving.  That’s gone now.

The restaurant changed ownership from Vito to his first cousin Joe.  Joe has lots of great ideas to brighten up the place and is focusing on customer service.
Some people started work as pizza cook, and then left again.  The one consistent thing with all the people who come and leave is that they never phone to say they won’t be coming in.  Funny that.

I thought of lots of great things to blog about, then forgot them.  Got a journal to write things down, but have not started that yet.


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