Posted by: blogone | July 4, 2006

The Ali McBeal connection.

July 4th which means fireworks and flame fried-food, BBQ! Its my first July 4th in the U.S and I have to say I’m really looking forward to it. Maggie and I are taking part in the Coronado Parade…

Maggie & Me Maggie and Harrison (Me)!
We’ll be walking in front of the Field truck holding a banner, I’m not sure what it will say, probably something like, ‘I’m with stupid’ with an arrow pointing towards the crowd, or it could be ‘Beat me!’ or it could be a banner to promote the Field bar in Downtown San Diego.

Fireworks over Mission Bay

After the parade, we are going to watch the Italy versus Germany match in the first semi-final of the second largest sporting event on the planet. I’d like to see Germany win to go to the final and perhaps win. Later on we are invited to a BBQ at someone’s house. I don’t know who it is except that the person hositng the party works at the Field and Sarah asked Maggie and I to go along. I’m looking forward to that. It will be a chance for me to say thanks to Nikki, Tom, Sarah and all the gang at the Field who were nice enough to give me some work when I arrived in San Diego.

The time since Maggie went to, and came back from Costa Rica has passed fast. I finished up work at the restaurant on Saturday. This was also the same day that Joe, the new owner, took officially took control of the business. So we had a bit of a shindig at the local pub NuNu’s. After work I dashed home and had a quick shower, changed and dashed back to NuNu’s.

Remember Ali McBeal? The programme with the lawyer who worked in a law firm with some eccentric people. Well remember how at the end of most episodes they would go down to a local bar and have some drinks with their clients and perhaps they might get up and sing a few songs and everyone would ‘have a moment’, and ‘they learned something here today’.

Remember? Well that’s what Saturday night was like. Only…

Only it wasn’t a law firm it was a group of people who work in an Italian restaurant and we don’t serve justice, we serve hot and delicious food! However as I as having a beer at the bar it occured to me that it was like Ali McBeal.

Perhaps I’m over stretching but we did all work in the same place. We did go to a local bar and we did sing songs, Ole Ole and all that soccer nonsense and I did learn something, but promptly forgot what it was!

Here are some pics from the night:

That’s Marty on the stool. He’s cool.

The guy in the black is Jeff. The girl behind him is Stephanie, the server. Both cool.

That’s me with two cute ladies. Maggie is on the right.

Vito, the ex-owner of Sanfilippo’s and die hard Italian football fan with Maggie. I don’t know why his shirt is open like that either!

Joe, the new owner, Justin, a die-hard Portugal fan and his cousin.

Noel, Primo and me.

Okay I don’t actually remember the point of this post. Damn memory!



  1. Looks like it was a great night. As usual ye know how to enjoy yourselves!

  2. Looks like a good night out, I’ll always say it Al, when your in a photo; you always look like a cat that got the cream. hehe. Have a good day!

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