Posted by: blogone | July 5, 2006

America’s Spirit

Yesterday was my first 4th of July in the U.S. Maggie and I were taking part in the Coronado parade. Our job was to walk in front of the Field van, a 1948 Fordson van, holding a banner for the Field and to smile and wave at the crowd as if we were Z-list movie stars.

Maggie said to me after we walked around that I was a real Ham, putting on a thick Irish accent and say things to the crowd like, “Top O’ The Mornin To Ya, Begooragh, How are yeeee dooooinnngg, Knuckle down” , and so on. I reminded her that’s how everyone in Ireland speaks.

It was mighty warm. We arrived at the Field at 8:00am, met Sarah and got a lift over to Coronado. Once there we hooked up with Tom, head chef from the Field, who would be driving the van. We decorated the van with stars and stripes, and waited for our turn to join the parade. We were towards the back of the parade this year, meaning it would be 11 AM before we joined the parade. This was fine with me because we got to watch a lot of the parade too.

The theme for the parade was ‘America’s Spirit‘.

I took loads of pictures, so its going to take a while to sort them and put some on line. This video I had to put up.

I’m not sure what to make of it. I don’t know if I should be shocked by it, disturbed by it, or annoyed by it. The man walking has a hood over his head with a small area around the eyes so he can see out.

Watch it until the end.

Does anyone else understand this?

More pics and video later. I’m off to watch France beat Portugal in the second semi-final of the 2nd largest sporting event on the planet.


  1. WTF???

    only that you actually had this on the video do I believe that a parade contains quaint old vehicles, marching bands, music, cheering and of course the old reliable “man walking down the street in the arrest position while armed man walks behind him pointing automatic rifle at his head”.

    You won’t see that in the paddy’s day parade for sure, not even on the “celebrate goats” float.

    Hope you enjoyed France beating those cheating swine. Ronaldo must go!

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