Posted by: blogone | July 7, 2006

Why Alfredo, Why?

Alfredo walked out during his dishwashing shift from Sanfilippo’s.  Joe called me on Thursday and asked me if I would come in for a couple of hours to wash dishes.

Maggie finished her summer semester on Thursday and I was due to meet her.  We spoke and she agreed that it would be fine for me to help out for a couple of hours and I could meet her later.  I would have to bring over some eggplant sandwiches as part of the deal.

I was dressed for a run in Balboa Park, so I quickly changed and went over to the restaurant.  There was a mountain of dishes to be washed (figuratively).

I asked Noe what had happened to Alfredo, and he said ‘he quit’.  My appetite for gossip was not satisfied so I asked Joe.  Joe said that as far as he knew Alfredo was disgruntled that he was not getting his lunch at 12:00.  I’m not sure that I believe that excuse.

3:00pm: I conquered the dishes and told Joe that I had to leave.  ‘But you’ve only been her for a couple of hours. There’s more to be done in the stock room.’  ‘How much?’ I asked.  ‘An hour maybe a little more’ he responded.

I knew that if I stayed longer Maggie would have my guts for garters.  I told him all the dish washing was done and the restaurant had entered its quiet period and that Maggie would be real angry with me.  Joe said it was okay to go.

As I walked out I knew they would phone me tomorrow, and that I should have told him then that I wouldn’t be available.

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