Posted by: blogone | July 11, 2006

One more time for the souvenirs…

Today I fly back to Ireland. My six months in the USA has come to an end. Six months that have passed like two weeks. I thought I’d be able to write something moving and inspirational, but I can’t. Don’t know how! Anyway, I’ve had a ball and I think Maggie has too.

Thank you to everyone who helped make those six months fun, Nikky, Tom, Sarah, Gubby, Daniel, Enda and all at the Field Irish bar. Noe, Primo Joe, Vitto and everyone at Sanfilippo’s; keep an eye on the oven and keep the damn knives clean! Jeff, Marty and everyone at NuNu’s, one of the best ‘dive bars’ in San Diego. Working at the Fleet was fun and something I’ll miss. Go Science!

Thanks to JK for arranging things with the corporation.

Thanks to Maggie, my girlfriend, who was the inspiration for this adventure. We have spent more time together, than apart, and that’s good considering there is a distance of 5,000KM between our lands.

Who knows where this adventure will take us next.

Oh! The places we’ll go.



  1. Ah Al

    that was so poignant and a little sad, a bit like the last episode of Cheers…

    “Sometimes you gotta go where everybody knows your name…”

  2. Jesus Al, that made me well up, it’s like it is the end of an era or something, Dude. It’s only the start 🙂
    Hey, we could do one of those for Blue Squadron though… sniff sniff.
    Safe flight… see ya at the weekend!

  3. We will see you soon…

  4. Hey Big Guy! Looking forward to having you back among us again.

  5. Will there be an Ireland Diary?

  6. oh yeah, the Dublin diary begins. Thanks for asking.

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