Posted by: blogone | July 15, 2006

Hermaphrodite Cat…

A recent comment about a previous post concerning hermaphrodite cats:

 “i know you’re all joking about hermaphrodite cats but i own a hermaphrodite cat who is having urinary tract problems as she/he ages. if anyone has any pertinent information to this condition i would appreciate it, since our overworked vets here have no time to research such a peculiar condition.”

If anyone has any information that might be useful send it to me and I’ll post here for Paul Morais.  Thanks.



  1. This tip may, or may not help you, but there are cat foods available that have cranberry in them which is good for the cats urinary tract (you may have to order them from the US). I can give you names of several good brands if you email me @ Best of luck with this problem, and I hope this helps a bit.
    Best Regards;

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