Posted by: blogone | July 23, 2006

Arriving home. Part two.

So I’m home over a week now.  The past week has been fairly busy.  The day after I arrived home my brother drove me to Naas to see my sister.  She was happy enough to give me a loan of her car for the week and I was happy to take it.

I’ve been looking for a car to buy, but as yet have made no decision.  A few people have asked ‘are you sorry you sold your last car?’ The answer is ‘no, not at all’.

When I arrived in Dublin airport and walked into the arrivals area, Sis-in-law and the gang was waiting for me.  We managed to miss each other; how we did this I don’t know.  Sis-in-law thinks it may have happened like this:

The moment before I walked out, ‘McSmelly’(the smallest of the gang at two years old), dropped a sign she was holding.  This distracted everyone in the group, so as they all decided to help her.  Just then I walked out, and because they were not looking in my direction didn’t see me and I didn’t see them. 

(the images are small because they were taken on a phone).

Sis-in-law is a smart cookie.  She decided to take some pictures of them before I arrived.  She told me that people passed them saying ‘oooohhhhh so cute!’
I after the hugs we brought the cart with the luggage out to the car, now with the added weight of the two lads sitting on top of it.  I was still carrying the fragile item and was still a little concerned that it made the trip in one piece.

We got home and I gave the gang some gifts that Maggie sent over, all very happy.  Skipping ropes, cars, board games etc, all went down a treat.

I unwrapped the fragile item to check its status.  I took off the bubble wrap.  This sent Sis-in-law and the gang into a frenzy.  I felt like I was holding a pile of food and they hadn’t eaten for four days.  I feared for my life, so I threw the bubble wrap to the ground and let them at it.  Pop! Pop! Pop! Sis-in-law remarked ‘this is good bubble wrap, it has big bubbles!’

I wonder if the bubble wrap would have been enough?

Anyway, the fragile item made it in one piece.  What is it?  Well my brother was in the market for a new computer.  He was considering a Dell Desktop.  I balked at that idea. Why not consider something like an iMac that will fit nicely in the office.  When he came to visit we checked them out.  He thought about it and called me before I came home, ‘Okay lets make the switch’.  So I’m sure you can imagine my concern, I didn’t really want the hassle of presenting a broken or cracked machine.

Everything works fine.  The gang have made me feel very welcome and even made me a cake with a little plastic me on top!



  1. so will you be advocating the ibook in Dublin in the coming weeks. I sure hope so. I’ve never seen one in the flesh, literally.

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