Posted by: blogone | July 29, 2006

Can you hear me now?

I had to bring my sisters car home to her today.  She was very good to give me a loan of it for more than one week.  So I took my nephew and niece with me.  I had to stop off at my mum’s house to pick up a gift that I left there.

My mum decided that she wanted to come along for the drive.  I had arranged with my brother that he would follow us down and pick us up, so I hoped he would have the foresight to bring the ‘larger car’ with him, or somebody would have to walk home, and it wouldn’t be me.

I phoned my brother to tell him that we would have an extra body, and the call was a difficult one because my phone is knackered (end of life), and it sounds like I’m in a tunnel all the time.  Anyway, he had taken the bigger car.

My sister has lots of phones.  She offered me a Nokia flip phone to use.  I thought ‘that’s decent of her’, but wondered if I could go for gold.  ‘Are you using the silver Nokia?’ She wasn’t and she gave it to me to use for the time being.


I think it says in the bible that ‘he who does not ask does not get’.  Its somewhere towards the back of it!


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